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What is the buying process in Pars Stone?

We will be by your side, from choosing the right product to finishing your project

Contact Support Team

After contacting the company's support team, Pars Sang Shtarians can make sure of all the features of the stone and the conditions of purchase and delivery of the goods after your purchase.

Submit Your Order

Pars Stone customers can register their order through one of the communication channels, either by phone or online.

Pay the Invoice

After successful registration of the order and approval of the company, the buyer will settle the entire amount of the invoice through the payment portal or deposit to the company account.

Product Shipping

After completing the order, Sang Pars executive team will send the order according to the delivery date agreed with the customer. Sang Pars guarantees the health of its goods


Pars Stone, according to the agreement made with the customer, delivers the order at the time and place mentioned by the customer for use in the project.

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