Pars Stone, by setting special conditions for colleagues and representatives, during its period of activity, has been able to cooperate with many colleagues and representatives in different cities and send its production stone to the place of our beloved country Iran and abroad.

Dear colleagues, after selecting the product and adding it to the shopping cart, you can enter the stage of “Send the product to an address other than the place of sending the invoice” in the “Billing Address” section after selecting the product and adding it to the shopping cart. “Information sent” and request the purchased product to be sent to any address you want and contact our sales expert, this feature can also be very useful for sales intermediaries and intermediaries can make the product with the desired conditions Sell ​​it to their desired customers and request it to be sent to their address through the site, and you can even request that your desired note be written and sent on the package.

You can also select your favorite products and add them to your cart. In the shopping cart – under the payment option – click on “Pay with multiple addresses”. In the opened page, the list of purchased products along with the addresses that have already been entered are visible, and you can request that each product be sent individually to your desired addresses. Then, for final coordination, contact the sales expert. Please.

If you want to send the product to a new address that you did not enter before, click on the “Register a new address” option and in the opened form, enter the information of a new address.

If you want to receive other information in the field of cooperation and representation of Pars Stone, you can call +989938636143 and if necessary, receive more photos, videos and specifications of the produced stones.