Special stone, Pars stone

Pars Stone Factories and Mines Group, with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in extraction, production, processing, and export of building stones in the form of cut and process, has been one of the top stone producers in Iran. By investing in two travertine and marble mines and extracting stone from these mines in bulk, and mass production of rock in two separate factories and two separate halls with up-to-date devices and equipment, Pars Complex has been able to process all kinds of particulars cases. Provides friendly to domestic and export customers.
Pars Stone Factories and Mines Group started its activity in stone production and processing in 2000. In 2011, in addition to producing and processing stone, Pars Complex improved its activity by exploiting the Shahin Dej white mine in Azerbaijan province. Finally, after the mass exploitation and export in 1394, the second mine in the Takab region was used. It was extracted en masse from this mine and also in 1397, the third mine in Takab area (known as the Qaleh Jogh area) was put into operation. Finally, due to the high demand and demand of domestic and stone export customers, in 1400, the Pietra Gray Marble mine in the Lashtar area of Isfahan was heavily exploited.
Pars Stone currently operates Takab Travertine Mine and Lashtar Marble and in two factories, using the most up-to-date equipment and machinery in the world, specializes in the production of stone with particular processing types (Bosch Hammer), Bosch Hammer (Bosch Hammer Brush). ), Tumblr, Polished, Hound, Leather, Sandblast, etc.). Pars Group has been able to leave a good record since 1379 and supply the domestic market, exporting its production stones to European, American, and East Asian countries as well as the Persian Gulf countries. It is not without merit that he mentioned the following from other histories of this collection:
Member of Iran Stone Association
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Industrial Zone
Member of Iran Top Exporters Pavilion
Pars Stone Complex employs Iranian human resources (directly 95 people and indirectly more than 150 people) and with the support of small stone structure art workshops, supporting sports forces and sports groups, and a greater focus on the export of processed stone. To maintain the country's financial resources and economic growth, it has been able to work in line with the country's national goals and economic development, and also by taking a small percentage of income to the charity for its compatriots to take a small step.
If you are looking for a unique quality stone and an after-sales guarantee for a new design, Pars Stone can be one of your best choices.